Pet Boarding

At All Creatures Animal Hospital, we provide boarding services. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our facilities or how to make a boarding reservation.


Pet Boarding

We at All Creatures Animal Hospital understand how difficult it can be to leave your pet. We want you to know that while they are with us, we are only concerned with their well-being. While there are numerous boarding facilities available for your pet while you’re away, we believe our staff, which is led by a veterinarian, will go above and beyond to care for your pet.

How does pet boarding at All Creatures Animal Hospital work?

Making sure your pet is prepared to spend time with people and other animals is the first step in scheduling a boarding stay at our veterinarian facility. During your pet’s stay, we can provide any necessary updates to any core immunizations or new vaccinations against infectious diseases like kennel cough or rabies. Please inform us if your pet needs any specific medical attention so that we can provide the best care throughout their stay. Bring his favorite blanket or stuffed animal if you want to help us make him feel perfectly at home. Make these plans and reserve your pet’s stay as far in advance as possible during peak travel times.