Canine CCL Repair

One of the main knee stabilizers, the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL), guards against the internal rotation of the knee (stifle), forward displacement of the tibia (shin), and hyperextension of the joint itself.


Canine CCL Repair

Injuries to the cranial cruciate ligament can be treated surgically. Our veterinarians will talk about your pet’s best course of action. Trauma can cause damage to the cranial cruciate ligament, most typically a twisting injury or ligament degeneration. This frequently happens when your pet exercises or quickly changes its course. Some animals are more prone to ligament damage due to weak ligaments. Numerous techniques can be used to repair a cruciate rupture, depending on its severity and the animal’s weight.

While a quick impact might cause this ligament to rip, it more often deteriorates over several months. Patients who have experienced a CCL tear typically exhibit a severe, noticeable limp.

Since our founder has been performing cruciate repair procedures for more than three decades, he can be happy knowing that hundreds of patients have recovered and returned to their regular lives.